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      ice block Machine being used in Ice sculpture and aquatic product freshening


      Ice block machine is a commonly used ice making machine, its main function is the production of block of ice.Our products are sold to all over the world relying on high and new technology and competitive price.especially you can see ice block machine in nigeria at any time.there are  a great quantity of industrial ice block machine  in our workshop.now ice block machine for sale philippines is being made On a large scale.

      Application of ice block Machine: Because of the ice block with a character of not easy  melting made by this machine ,it  not only can be used in the field of Ice sculpture.but alse can be used to cool aquatic products.such as fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, large algae (kelp, wakame, etc.).In addition,the products will be putrid after a long  transportation.if you put some ice block into the products to be transported,the products will be fresh as long as possible.

      Advantage of ice block Machine: It is easy to instrall and maintain owing to adopting modular design.But beyond that it is energy-saved with low failure probability .

      structure of ice block Machine: It is commonly used  is direct LengBingShi block ice machine and brine type block ice machine。Directly making LengBingShi ice machine contains a compressor, accumulator, condenser water, cooling pipe, valves, electric control box. Brine type including block ice machine mainly contains Guide rail,  water tank, salt water mixer, refrigeration unit and lifting devices, etc.we also can provide dry ice block machine and shaved ice block Machine.

      ModelCapacity/24hCompressor PowerPump PowerRefrigerant
      OTB10   1,000kg     3.8kw   0.55kwR22/R404A
      OTB20   2,000kg     7.5kw   1.5kwR22/R404A
      OTB30   3,000kg     9kw   1.5kwR22/R404A
      OTB40   4,000kg    11.25kw   3kwR22/R404A
      OTB50   5,000kg    18.8kw   3kwR22/R404A
      OTB80   8,000kg    30kw   4kwR22/R404A
      OTB100  10,000kg    37.5kw   4kwR22/R404A
      OTB150   15,000kg     56.3kw   6kwR22/R404A
      OTB200   20,000kg      75kw   11kwR22/R404A


      Henan shisheng Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd has advanced modern equipment, we combine the technology of myself with foreign technology.This is the most professional block machine supplier, if you have a need for ice block machine , you can give us a message or send e-mail, thank you.



      You can get the price list and shisheng salemen will contact you within one business day.





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