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      The most professional QTJ4-26 Block Making Machine manufacturers in China


      Brick machine is mainly used to produce wall brick and floor tile, generally mixing stone, gravel, sand and water together, takeing shape Through vibration and aerodynamic .

      QTJ4-26 Block Making Machine is an ideal model for medium and small sized investors. Additionally, it can be automatic material feeding, automatic block discharging and automatic block loading on cart. For the products, they can be piled up 3-5 layers just after manufacture. 

      The speciality of QTJ4-26A block machine:

      Capacity: 3000-4000pcs/day

      Method: Hydraulic Pressure

      The application of QTJ4-26A block machine : it is mainly used in the production of various kinds of wall switch and pavement brick

      Main advantage of QTJ4-26 cement brick making machine price

      1- Using the European advanced flat vibration manufacturing technique for reference.

      2- Realizes the super strong vibration effect, mixing every material effectively.

      3- The upper mould vibration compression makes the brick with average density and high.

      4- Good after-sale service.

      5-newly medium&small scale brick machines 

      6-.low investment 

      7- high quality .run well 

      The parameter of QTJ4-26A block machine1

      Working shed Working size2000m2
       Working shed300m2
       Raw materials work shop300m2 
      Other material Workers3-5people
       Water consumption4T/day
       Power distribution22kw

      The parameter of QTJ4-26A block machine 2

      Product quantity
       Product Brick size Each mould Capacity
       Hollow brick 390*190*190 4pcs 4000pcs/8h
       Perforated brick 390*240*190 3pcs 2880pcs/8h
       Standard brick 240*115*52 26pcs 22000pcs/8h

      Henan shisheng Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd has advanced modern equipment, we combine the technology of myself with foreign technology.This is the most professional block machine supplier, if you have a need for QTJ4-26A block machine , you can give us a message or send e-mail, thank you.



      You can get the price list and shisheng salemen will contact you within one business day.





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