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      • QTJ4-15 Brick Making Machine
      • QTJ4-15 Brick Making Machine
      • QTJ4-15 Brick Making Machine

      QTJ4-15 Brick Making Machine

      Model: QTJ4-15  
      Power: 26 KW

      Capacity: 4-12 Block /Hour

      Application: multi-functional,more strong and durable structure,not easy to break...

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      The adoption of electromagnet electronic control technology of the head downlink could reach accurate impact affect, which can effectively improve the thickness of block as well as improve working speed. All of the moulds adopt CO2 protecting welding technique, which makes the machine structure more strong and durable, not easy to break, boom, and can get a longer using life.


      1. The block machine body is constructed with ultra large steel and special welding technology, is of high rigidity, high impact-resistance and long life. 

      2. Electric system use programmable controller and PLC to control the data in&out device, the controlling system includes safety logistic control and mistake diagnostic system. 

      3. Precise movement of the mold and press point is ensured by four zones and elongation pilot bearing, and joint bearings are used as moving parts, which is durable and convenient to be lubricated. 

      4. Hydraulic component is made up of high dynamic scale valve; the motion of the key component is precisely controlled; 

      5. This brick making machine is multi-functional; The brick machine can be used to produce different kinds of bricks through changing mold easily, such as hollow bricks and road side bricks, etc.

      >>Technical Data

      Molding cycle15-20Second/Time
      Pallet dimensions900*600*40mm
      Vibration frequency4000-4800Time/Minute
      Exciting force22KN
      Installed capacity26kw
      Overall dimensions3800*2200*2700mm

      >>QTJ4-15 Brick Making Machine Theoretical output table:

      ModeTypeBlock standardBlock /HourBlock /8Hour
      QT4-15Block390*190*19048640-11500 piece
      Hollow Brick240*115*902621600-28800 piece
      Standard Brick240*115*531243200-57600 piece


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