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      • QT10-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine
      • QT10-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

      QT10-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

      Model: QT10-15  
      Power: 38KW

      Capacity: 2400 piece/h

      Application: small investment and high benefits,compact structure and stable functions..

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      1.The automatic brick making machine has rational design and compact structure. The block machine body is constructed with high tension steel and special welding technology and widely adopt the import parts to make the machine body more stable and reliable.

      2. Highly efficient and super design of excitation system  achieved a variety of vibration frequency and amplitude by using computer to control of frequency converter so that the compactness and production efficiency have been improved greatly.

      3. The machine adopts PLC and man-machine interface control system to achieve random signal analysis , fault diagnosis and the setting of molding of desired parameters so as to make the machine reach the best working condition.

      4. The automatic brick making machine is equipped with  special hydraulic code machine. So it can be easily achieve high yield and production automation with saving a lot of manpower and maintaining the yard and the flow of funds investment.

      5. Semi closed compulsive spiral fabrics  system can make the fabrics more even and speed.

      6. The material storage and feeding equipment adopts the methods of  the enclosed electric roller and controls the small hopper storage system to make it be used as soon as sending it. It also can prevent the concrete  from advancing of being liquefied when influenced bu the aftershock  which influences the quality of fabrics.


      1. The machine adopts PLC system and is operated by computer interface, which can analyze the signal randomly,diagnose the breakdown and design the parameters to keep the machine in the best working effect.

      2. Storage and feeding material machine: it is conveyed by the enclosed electric rolling belt and control the small hopper strictly which can achieve the goal that it can be used as soon as sending it so as to prevent the concrete from advancing of  liquefied and ensure the  products strength.

      3. We adopt the most advanced  fabrics technic. When the fabric box distributes to the top of  die, the materials in the material box can pour into the mold cavity rapidly and evenly, which can make the inaccuracy of the weight among the various products +15% or -15% and the inaccuracy of strength<15%.

      4. Increasing the utilization of the effective working table and new vibration technology can make this machine has a larger working table so that the working efficiency has been improved greatly whose hole bricks production is increased more greatly than the similar domestic machine by 20%.

      5. The unique and highly efficient methods of vibrating adopts the latest technology and its frequency conversion motor achieves the stepless speed transmission in order to satisfy and ensure the frequency of shock and amplitude demanded by the fabrics and the vibration compaction so as to improve the quality of products and short the molding cycle.

      6.This machine has compact structure and stable functions. Its operation and maintenance is very simple. It has many advantages such as small investment and high benefits. It has become the most ideal block forming equipment in the domestic and abroad nowadays.

      >>Technical Data

      Molding cycle12-20/S
      Pallet size1170*880*40mm
      Rated pressure16MPa
      Maximum pressure31.5MPa
      Total power38kw

      >> QT10-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine theoretical output table:

      ModenameCutting specificationEach plate numberBlock/hBlock/8h
      Hollow Brick240*115*9024576046080
      Standard Brick240*115*535112240


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