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      • QTJ4-25 Block Machine
      • QTJ4-25 Block Machine

      QTJ4-25 Block Machine

      Model: QTJ4-25  

      Power: 21W

      Capacity: 4000pcs/8h

      Application: high manufacturing efficiency,low intensity of labor,multi-purpose..

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      The machine has absorbs the strength of different machinery home and abroad, the new kind of machine was the product after research and development, considering the conditions of use and maintenance in the middle and small sizes factories that use cement block shaping machinery.


      1. Transfer mechanism adopts mechanical drive, and use mechanical power reasonably and effectively, it can finish several actions without breaking. Fransfer mechanism wears well and is convenient for corrective maintenance.

      2. When the machine is forming concrete brick, it librates up and down. There is vibration table with vertical orientation under the mould box, and vibrator vibrates with compression over the crossbeam, thus when it produces concrete brick or pavement block, satisfactory shaping effect can be achived, it is fit for produce concrete brick or pavement block of high strength.

      3. The machine is multi-purpose, it can produce walling unit, pavement block and figure walling unit, etc of many shapes and sizes, when consumer produce concrete brick or pavement with colorful layer, you can pull out the feeding arrangement, and set up a charging deck to adopt handfeeding, which can not only save the cost of colorful layer, but also produce different kinds of concrete brick or pavement with colorful layer.

      4. The machine body and key components are made of cast steel to be tight, durable and artistic. The consumer can make production through continuous several shifts.

      5. The machine operates automatically, has high manufacturing efficiency, need low intensity of labor.

      >>Technical Data

      Product Quantity400*200*2004pieces/mould4000pcs/8h
      Overall size (mm)3300*1950*2450
      Carriage size (mm)850*470*35
      Vibration Frequency max (r/m)4000
      Electic source (v/Hz)380/50
      Total mass (kg)5000


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