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      • Concrete Dosing Machine
      • Concrete Dosing Machine

      Concrete Dosing Machine

      Application: high precision batching,quick speed,strongcontrol function

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      PLD series concrete dosing machine is a kind of equipment with automatically batching material on the front desk and using mixer together. It can automatically finish thebatching procedures of 3-6 kinds of materials (second grade concrete), such as sand, stone and cement according to user's design.

      These serial batching equipment adopt electronic weighing, computer control, digital display, wired remote control operation, and have such advantages as accurate weighing, high precision batching, quick speed, strongcontrol function and convenient operation.

      After this serial concrete dosing machine with relative concrete mixer, different types and specifications combined concrete mixing station can be formed.


      Designed for filling individual moulds for precasting paving slabs, walling blocks, copings and edgings.A precision auger measuring system ensures that the same amount of concrete is dispensed into each mould cleanly and quickly. The dosage rate is easily adjustable to suit different products, and one operator can fill moulds without shovelling. Three configurations are available to suit individual needs.

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